i'm not witty.
brittany. 24. atlanta.
i watch a lot of tv.

"I’d like to bring a special guest on stage. She is an amazing singer, she’s scottish, she’s flown out especially today, she’s 17 years old. Basically, I let her voice speak for itself but this is Nina Nesbitt." 


Norman Reedus captured by Adrian Nina


4/19/14 - Kendall Jenner at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival Weekend 2: Day 2.

I was that ambitious when I was very young as well. Gwen is clear on what she wants to do with her life – in terms of her job and her sense of purpose. I think and hope that I am in the same ballpark there. Science-wise, though, she is much better than me.


Emilia Clarke for Marie Claire US May 2014 issue

Dylan O’Brien @ WonderCon 2014 ©

Title: i bet i can make you cry



Taylor Swift’s “Taylor Swift” vs. Taylor Swift’s “Red”

who gave you the right

"y o u  are my new best friend.”